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Pregnancy Massage

thai pregnaancy massageDo you feel stressed and have an aching back, swollen ankles and legs? Then treat yourself to a massage deisgned specifically for pregnant women. This is carried out whilst lying on your back or side supported by suitable cushions and pillows. The therapy involves the massage of the back, legs, head, shoulders, arm and face. This massage is beneficial in easing muscles as they tighten to accomodate your growing baby, and it can also help to stretch the muscles and release tension. Skin will benefit as toxins are removed along with excess fluid, making it look clearer and healthier.


This massage is ideal for mums-to-be who are over 12 weeks pregnant.

thai pregnancy massage


Pregnancy Massage


1 hours.......£50

1.5 hours.......£70

2 hours.......£90

10 hour programme.......£450





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